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Woody Creek Potato Vodka

Woody Creek Distilling is not like other craft distillers. For example, They have a distillery. True Spirits from a True Distiller. Many spirit companies are taking the short and easy way to come to the market with their products; buying them from someone else, and slapping their name on the label. This has become an all too common practice is the “craft spirits” world. Some larger distilleres are having problems with supply and demand, where other smaller ones just want to get their product in customers hands sooner than later. With no apparent law or rule for what you can call, “craft”; many customers are being sold a load of garbage as opposed to a genuine handmade spirit. I assure you, Woody Creek Distilling is about as “craft” as it gets.

When Woody Creek Distilling was founded, they knew they wanted nothing but the finest craft spirits, each with a unique taste and character that was true to the origins of that spirit. It’s a standard that they hold themselves to every day. All ingredients that Woody Creek uses in their spirits are either grown and harvested themselves, or sourced from only Colorado trusted farms.

Woody Creek is the only US distiller to control every part of the distilling process. They harvest more than 500,000 alpine potatoes annually. Every spirit they make is also distilled on thier property in thier custom Carl Stills. This elaborate, world-class system includes 3 fementing tanks, 2 stripping pots, & 2, 34-foot-tall rectification columns, each with 21 bubble plates for the most effective distilling possible. As a result, they only have to filter their vodka once. They never use neutral grain spirits, or blend with base spirits from other distillers. Rest assured that every bottle that comes out of Woody Creek Distillers will be truely handcrafted to the highest standards. No shortcuts, only hard work.

Woody Creek Distillers is owned by Mary & Pat Scanlan and Mark Kleckner. After years of persuing their own careers, these 3 longtime friends came together to create a line of spirits whose quality is a lasting legacy for their community, familes, and friends. Woody Creek is proud to use produce grown on their family farm and the farms of their neighbors.

Where we make it is as important as how we make it.
Woody Creek knows that growing and sourcing thier produce locally, not only makes for the best ingredients, but it’s also good for the environment. They are dedicated to protecting and enhancing the natural resources of Woody Creek. The distillery is a low-emmisions facility, using the most efficient distillation technology available. The waste from their raw products goes back to the Scanlan family farm in Woody Creek as compost, or to local ranches as livestock feed.

100% Potato Vodka
Somewhere along the way, vodka became a spirit for people who didn’t want to taste what they were drinking. And other distilleries have been all too happy to appease them. Making their vodka ever more devoid of taste and character, or by adding a litany of ridiculous flavors. But now there is Woody Creek Potato Vodka. Distilled once, because that’s all it needs and available in only one flavor…Vodka. Woody Creek, the return of real vodka. San Fancisco Spirits Competition – 2015 Double Gold

The nose is sweet & fresh, followed by a first sip that delivers hints of vanilla and sweet cream – but without being the least bit cloying. It has real character and body, reinforced by a silky mouthfeel that ends with the slightest hint of warmth and pepper. It is bold enough to almost redefine vodka drinks that typically disguise the alcohol, and works wonders when sipped on the rocks with a spray of fresh lemon or lime.

For the Hunter S. Thompson Fans:
Woody Creek’s potato farm sits next to where the late, great Hunter S. Thompson resided in his later years. Back when he ran for mayor of the nearby town of Aspen, back where he sadly ended his life, and back where his ashes were shot into the air out of a giant cannon, where those same ashes then settled onto those same potato-covered fields.

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750ml Bottle
40% ABV

Now Available in 375ml Bottles
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