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We sell Kegs

The Full Setup!

The Full Setup!

West Vail Liquor Mart is proud to offer kegs to our customers, and is one of the few liquor stores in the valley that offers this service. We keep a stock of the major domestic beers on hand, and can special order many other import and craft beers in kegs as well. We have a large inventory of newly purchased taps and tubs, and take great care in cleaning the taps thoroughly between uses. We use a sanitizing system made for beer lines to clean old beer and any bacteria from inside of the tap line. We also inspect our taps to make sure that the faucets and O-rings are intact, and in working order. We also offer European Sankey taps, and taps for German kegs. We do not deliver kegs, but are happy to help you load kegs and tubs into your vehicle here at the store. The following information covers our policy on ordering and purchasing kegs. Please call us at 970-476-2420 with any questions or orders.


 Purchasing a keg:  You can call the store or come in and reserve and pay for a keg.  The person purchasing and picking up the keg must show proof they are 21 years old.  Let us know the name or company we should note on the keg so we know who can pick it up (if it isn’t you specifically.)  The person picking up the keg must be 21 years or older.

Types of kegs: We typically have ½ barrels and ¼ barrels from major breweries like Bud, Coors and Pabst on hand. We can usually get many flavors of craft beer as well. Most of these come in 5 gallon kegs. Due to the wide variety of options, and the fact that we like to offer fresh beer, we do not keep these on hand regularly. You must give us advance notice for craft keg purchases. If you let us know by noon on Monday, we can have the beer by Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the distributor. We can also order by noon on Thursday for a Friday delivery. All beer is subject to availability from our distributors.

Other Pricing:

Tap $60

Tub $40

Keg shell $35

Returning Products:  You can return your tap, tub and keg shell for a full refund to West Vail Liquor as long as it is working and in reusable condition.  Broken, rusted, or damaged items will not be accepted for return. We will accept taps with broken faucets or missing O-rings, but will charge a $5 fee for each broken or missing part. Tubs must be rinsed and cleaned.  All items must be purchased at West Vail Liquor Mart in order to be returned to West Vail Liquor Mart.  Please keep a copy of your receipt to make the return process easier.

Size:    ½ Barrel = 15.5 gallons = 165 12oz. beers = 6.9 cases

¼ Barrel = 7.75 gallons = 82 12oz. beers = 3.4 cases

Payments on equipment: Barrel= $35.00       Tap= $60.00    Tub= $40.00

Payments are returned in full if the equipment is returned in working condition.

Kegs kept in stock      ½ Barrels

Budweiser                  $115.00

Bud Lt.                         $115.00

Coors                          $115.00

Coors Lt.                     $115.00

Pabst                           $  99.00


¼ Barrels                                                                                

Budweiser                   $70.00

Bud Lt.                         $70.00

Coors Light                  $70.00

Fat Tire                        $85.00

Prices subject to change without notice.

Chip Bartsch

Beer Buyer