Upslope Brewing was founded in Boulder, CO in in 2008. Since then they have grown to one of our state’s largest producers of craft beer. We are very excited to welcome Upslope as the August “Beer of the Month”! Upslope makes only quality products. Every beer they make is delicious and well made. During August Upslope beers will all be available on sale at West Vail Liquor Mart.

The Core Beers are as follows: (6pks available @ $7.99)

Craft Lager  – Before it was cool, Upslope developed one of the best craft versions of a lager. Upslope’s Craft Lager is crisp and refreshing and is perfect for the dog days of summer. At Beer of the Month pricing it is cheaper than most mass produced macro lagers and is absolutely delicious. It is not over hopped or overly complex, but simple and perfectly crafted.

Citra Pale – Citra Pale is a bit newer to the Upslope lineup. It is not quite hazy and not quite clear, not quite an IPA or a traditional pale. It is a lightly hopped tropical ale that is not overbearing but satisfies. Citra Pale is an everyday drinker and is a great part of the lineup.

IPA – For the hopheads out there, Upslope IPA is their version of a hoppy yet balanced brew. Unlike some other IPAs that tend to go over the top, Upslope IPA draws a beautiful line between Malt and Hop flavor.

Rocky Mountain Kolsch – The newest addition to the core lineup for Upslope, Rocky Mountain Kolsch is a very light ale brewed with Honey and Sage. However, these extra ingredients are more nuanced, adding interesting character to a refreshing and tasty brew.

The Premium Beers are as follows: (6pks available @ $9.99)

Experimental IPA – If the regular IPA from Upslope isn’t enough hop for you, give Experimental IPA a try. It is different every year and 2019’s version is awesome. It really pops will tropical hoppy flavor.

German Style Pilsner – Upslope always has a great seasonal available. The newest is German Style Pilsner, which I couldn’t be happier about. I love Pilsner style beers in the summer and Upslope’s is no slouch! It is crisp, drinkable, and has all the character you are looking for in a German Pils.

Dean LoRusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart