We are always excited at West Vail Liquor Mart to invite a new “Beer of the Month”. June’s Beer of the month is Eddyline Brewing based out of Buena Vista, CO and let me tell you it is a pretty great one. Eddyline beer always provides excellent value especially at the special pricing for the month.

Eddyline’s core lineup for the month of June is only $10.99 for 6pk of 16oz cans. That is the equivalent of 8 12oz beers! You can’t beat that kind of savings, at $3 off of retail pricing for all packages. The core lineup includes:

Crankyanker IPA: A delicious and straightforward IPA with a touch of citrus notes as well as some dank piney aspects

River Runner Pale: A very nice pale ale that is both easy to drink and flavorful. A great beer to accompany any outdoor activity

Raspberry Wheat: An ultimately easy drinking fruit beer with a great balance of raspberries, but not overly sweet

And Finally

Summer in the Citra: A hazy double dry hopped IPA with a ton of citrus notes from Citra hops

I have to give special notice to Summer in the Citra due to the fact that you would be very hard pressed to find a “DDH” hazy IPA for $10.99 for 6 tallboys anywhere. A smoking deal!

                If you are feeling a bit more adventurous the higher tier of Eddyline beers is also available for $12.99 for 6pks of 16oz cans. These beers are generally higher alcohol and are brewed with more ingredients so your money goes just as far in the end. The upper tier beers include:

Grapefruit CrankYanker: Take the base Crankyanker IPA and add fruit, specifically Grapefruit + Mango and what you get is a great summer sipper both fruity and refreshing

Epic Day IIPA: Epic day is one our most popular double IPAs in the store weighing in at a hefty ~10% ABV, however you wouldn’t know it from the taste. Dangerous and delicious!

New Zealnd IPA:  Brewed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Eddyline. This is a piney and complex IPA brewed with NZ hops.

Give them all a try, June is the month to do so. Also come in for our tastings on Fridays from 4-6PM to try Eddyline and other great special “of the month” offerings.

Dean LoRusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart