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Trail’s End Bourbon Whiskey

trails end bourbon
Trail’s End Bourbon Whiskey is the newest product from Hood River Distillers. It pays homage to Lewis & Clark and their endeavors into uncharted territories early in American history. The Oregon Trail was harsh and the journey was long into the “Wild West.” While Lewis & Clark were prepared for this journey into the unknown, they had a friend along the way… Whiskey. While Whiskey prices have gone up over the years, so has the quality and innovation. Trail’s End is a perfect example of this. The base of this particular spirit is a blended version of 7 & 8 Year old Kentucky Straight Bourbons. With Bourbon being one of the most popular spirits in the world today, it was a good choice to make Trail’s End a unique spin on a traditional offering. Once the aged Kentucky Bourbon reaches Oregon it is then finished with Oregon Oak staves. This is done by adding Oregon oak to the base spirit in a stainless steel tank. Many other whiskey are finished in alternate types of barrels mainly to impart new flavors to the base whiskey. Some scotches, for example, are finished in rum barrels to impart a sweeter finishing spirit with a smokey peaty start.

Tasting Notes:
Appearance: Dark, amber color, not to viscous.
Nose: Rich, Nutty spice with strong tannins. A bit of grassiness with a hint of bananas foster.
Palate: Creamy creme brulee & caramelized plantain at the start, mid-palate dries out considerably. Notes of walnut, hazelnut, & nutmeg stand out as well as a vigorous spice.
Finish: Dry & spicy without astringency or sourness. Warming finish with mild welcoming sweetness.

Trail’s End Bourbon Whiskey is a unique product that contains the flavor of Oregon at its heart. Come in to West Vail Liquor Mart to try out a bottle for yourself. You won’t be disappointed with this one!

Kyle C
Spirit Buyer
West Vail Liquor Mart