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The New Chile

During the month of June at West Vail Liquor Mart we will be featuring five different Chilean wines as a part of our wine of the month program. When thinking of Chilean wine; names like Montes, Los Vascos, Lapostolle are all what seem to come to the front of the list. Wine in Chile has loosely been associated with large producers who make mostly what would be considered “value” wines. Recently there has been a bit of a change of attitude in Chile and some smaller producers from some lesser known regions have been gaining some recognition. The idea of small production and a focus on high quality is what seems to be trending in the “New Chile”.
Chile is one of the most diverse countries environmentally on the planet and has a lot to offer in terms of wine regions. From Bio Bio valley in Patagonia to the Elqui valley butting up to the Atacama Desert in the north, Chile has a vast amount of farmable terrain. Even within the more popular regions like Colchagua, smaller producers can get overlooked because of the presence of the larger houses. We are featuring three different wineries from three different regions. These wines will be available all month for a discounted price!

Boya Wines… The Garces-Silva family first planted wines in the Leyda valley in 1999. Their vineyards in the Leyda Valley overlook the Pacific Ocean ranging 10-15 km from the water. Their winery is aesthetically inspired by the hills leading down to the ocean. The cold Humbolt current coming off the water is responsible for keeping the temperature at bay during the summer months and allowing for ideal ripening conditions for the grapes. The family’s approach to winemaking is focused on being as organic/sustainable as possible. Methods include controlled irrigation, mobile chicken coops for pest control, sheep to naturally weed, gravity fed winery, architectural designs to maximize light, composted organic waste and replanting of native tree species throughout the property. The Boya wines (Sauvignon Blanc/Pinot Noir) are produced to create a fresh, terrior driven wine. They typify cool climate wine with great minerality and high tone fruit flavors.

Merino Wines… Nestled in the Limari Valley north of Santiago is the Merino family winery. The Limari Valley is located in the narrowest section of Chile, combining the influence of the Andes Mountains, the Pacific Ocean and the Atacama Desert. The family focuses on two varietals; Chardonnay and Syrah. The wines contain great minerality highlighting the limestone in the area. These are elegant wines that definitely over deliver for the price.

Casa Silva… Casa Silva is a family owned winery in the Colchagua Valley that can date its origins back to 1892. They were pioneers in the Colchagua Valley which is now probably the most recognized wine region in Chile. There focus is to make premium Chilean wine and is one of three wineries to achieve the Wines if Chile Sustainability Code. It is moving towards total organic management and really has taken a lead role in leading winemaking in Chile in this direction. The wine is distinctively Chilean and another great value in comparison to the quality delivered.