We are proud to announce that we have yet another brewery addition to our huge collection of Colorado craft beer. Station 26 Brewing is based out of Denver, just off I70. The brewery was created in an old fire house. It is a very fun environment and I would really recommend a trip if you haven’t been there before. However, if you are just being introduced to Station 26, or know how good their beers can be, then save yourself a drive and pick some up at West Vail Liquor Mart!

Here are the offerings we currently have available:

Pale Ale: Part of an almost throwback to the 1st beers produced by Station 26, the beer simply titled “Pale Ale” is a hit for me. It features a really nice balance of malty sweetness and hop bitterness with neither being in excess. Station 26’s pale is a classic pale through and through. It doesn’t try to be an IPA, but rather features the simplistic beauty of the beer’s profile.

Single Hop IPA: Citra: Another throwback to the earlier days of Station 26, the “Single Hop IPA: Citra” was the 1st in their single hop series. It, like the Pale Ale, is very simple and to the point. This beer is nice and drinkable and is a great showcase of the Citra hop.

Juicy Banger: The flagship brew from Station 26, Juicy Banger is an IPA that falls somewhere in the middle of East and West coast styles. It is clear in appearance but very juicy and tropical with enough malt backbone to provide some balance. Juicy Banger is definitely the winner of the bunch in my opinion. I could drink a whole bunch of these and still want more.

Tangerine Cream: The Cream Ale from Station 26 was tweaked with vanilla beans and tangerine to create a true cult classic. If you like an orange creamsicle or like your beers a bit fruitier then this is the one for you. Give it a try for a unique beer experience.

Local News: This beer is a collaboration with Station 26 and New Image, also based in the Denver area. When you combine these two breweries you really can’t go wrong. “Local News” is an IPA that is delicious and features a really nice hop profile. “Local News” is available in 16oz cans. Look for it in our single beer door for a limited time.

Dean LoRusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart