Sortilege Maple Liqueur

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Sortilege Maple Liqueur

Sortilege Maple Liqueur is a unique blend of Canadian whisky and pure maple syrup. It follows a traditional recipe that strikes the perfect balance between the strength of Canadian whisky and the rich golden flavor of pure maple syrup. It is a truly Canadian spirit.

– Canada’s best selling maple spirit
– 100% Canadian product
– Authentic Canadian heritage recipe
– made from 100% rye grain mash
– aged a minimum of 3 years in select white oak barrels for a mellow, smooth finish.

The definition of Sortilege is: Sorcery, Magic
This Canadian maple whisky spirit comes in at 30% abv, which makes it very true to its name in the sense that it is truly magical in its ability to please the palate. It may come across as a bit too sweet for some non-maple lovers out there, but this product is dangerously smooth for the maple syrup lovers out there. After tasting a few people on this product, I received the same comment from all of them; “I could pour this over my pancakes its so good.”

If you are a fan of maple flavors, this whisky liqueur is right up your alley. Swing by West Vail Liquor Mart today to pick up a bottle for yourself!
If you do… He’s a recipe to enjoy responsibly:

Evil Spell
2oz Sortilege
4oz Apple juice
1 Cinnamon stick
1 Apple slice