Some of the Best I70 Breweries Now Available

                Recently, we as a community and as a society as a whole have faced a variety of challenges, hardships and changes to the way we live. It is, I believe, important to find silver linings in such a difficult time. I may not be hauling it down and back to Denver regularly anymore. However, now I can get some of my favorite I70 beers right here at West Vail Liquor Mart. Two frequent stops for me between Vail and Denver were Outer Range Brewing, based out of Frisco and Westbound and Down based out of Idaho Springs. Coronavirus has changed many breweries’ model on how to exist. The crowded tap rooms supporting these local giants are for the most part not open. These two breweries in particular have adapted and have ramped up their canning and distribution efforts. They are both now available here at West Vail Liquor Mart, no mountain passes needed!

                Outer Range has been a staple brewery for me to stop at. Only a couple hundred feet from exit 203 in Frisco, “ORB” is very easy to access. Their taproom is always a fun time, complete with an outdoor yurt and huge recent expansion. ORB specializes in hazy New England style IPAs. They have more options in this style than any other. However, they do excel in many different styles and are a fun brewery to try many different beers from. Currently we have 5-6 different IPAs from Outer Range as well as a stout. They range from $13-$18 for a 4pk of 16oz cans. Outer Range does a really good job of getting us fresh beer, so check back frequently for new offerings.

                Westbound and Down is a bit more of a hidden gem. Located right along I-70 in Idaho Springs, Westbound and Down is a jack of all trades. Want an awesome Hefeweizen or Pilsner? Chances are they have one and it is delicious. We have a full lineup of Westbound and Down’s beers including a Mexican Lager, an Italian Pils, a Hazy IPA and a Pale. I would really recommend giving these guys a chance, they will not disappoint.   

Dean LoRusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart