At West Vail Liquor Mart over the years there have been many new and exciting breweries, new beers, special collaborations and one offs and so on. However, there are some breweries that are tried and true. They have stood the test of time and have been staples at the store for years. Ska Brewing, based out of Durango, CO, is one of those breweries. Ska has been providing reliable tasty brews since 1995. We are proud to have Ska as a perennial beer of the month as well as the current offering in August of 2020. All 6pks are $8.99 and 12pks of both their beer and their new hard seltzer are $16.98 at West Vail Liquor Mart for the entirety of the month.

               You may think of Ska as an “old school” brewery, but what has kept Ska such an awesome brewery is that they are always adding new fun items to their lineup. “Hazy IPA” and “Tropical Hazy IPA” are two of the newest additions to their lineup. These “new school” IPAs are both awesome, and $8.99/6pk for any sort of hazy IPA is an outstanding deal. Hazy and Tropical Hazy are joined by old favorites like “True Blonde”, a flagship river pounder. Ska’s perhaps best-known beer, “Modus Hoperandi” is unavailable at the moment due to can shortages but don’t fret it will be here soon! The original Modus is a shining example of a West Coast style IPA, but have you tried Modus’ slightly fruitier brother “Modus Mandarina”? Modus Mandarina features the addition of citrus zest. It maintains the bitterness of the original, but also provides some sweeter, zesty fruit flavors that are a really nice compliment to the recipe.

                If you are looking for more easy drinking beer, in addition to “True Blonde”, Ska offers “Rue B Soho”, a grapefruit lager as well as perhaps their most beloved seasonal “Mexcian Logger”. Both Rue B Soho and Mexican Logger are great for the dog days of summer that we are currently enduring. Rounding out the lineup will be “Pink Vapor Stew”, a sour ale brewed with beets, carrots, ginger and apples. Sounds weird right? Well it’s pretty great if you like a sour beer. “Pink Vapor Stew” is in the same boat as Modus and is a little late to the party due to can shortages, but should be in the store within a week or so… It’s worth the wait!

                So, in short, Ska is offering a little something for everyone. New school IPAs, old school IPAs, lagers, blondes are all great choices, but if you can’t decide go for the mix pack and give them all a try, you won’t be disappointed. Also new in the past year is Ska’s hard seltzer. 12pk Varieties are available in our brand new cooler up front by the registers ICE COLD! I thought Ska’s hard seltzer was very tasty and in comparison to most seltzers had a more genuine taste in my opinion. No matter where your taste buds lie Ska Brewing has something for you and we have it all here at your favorite liquor store in the Vail Valley!


Dean LoRusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart.