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Refreshing Summer Beers!

Breck Summerbright

Summer’s here and the time is right for enjoying a cold beer on a hot day! One of the great things about beer is that there are styles for each occasion and season. After the snowy winter and cool spring we’ve had our share of porters, stouts and winter warmers. The sun is high in the sky, the days are long and warm, and it’s time to try some refreshing beers to match the weather. Here are a few suggestions to help keep you cool and happy during the summer months. Each is a seasonal beer, available only for a few months. So get them while their COLD!

Alaska Summer: $9.99/6pk btls

A Kolsch style ale. (Originating in Cologne, Germany in the 1800’s, Kolsch ales were Cologne’s answer to the light lagers coming out of Bavaria at the time). This is one of the lightest ales you will find with a mild fruitiness and very low hop bitterness. Straw gold in color, this is a very mild, refreshing beer. 5.3% ABV. 18 IBU’s.

Malts: German pilsner, Munich, Vienna and white wheat.

Hops: Hallertau, Tettnang.



Breckenridge Summerbright Ale: $9.49/6pk btls

A wheat based, light bodied summer style ale with a hint of citrus. It is light gold in color with a bright, clean finish. Very mild bitterness at 15 IBU’s, and low in alcohol at 4.5% ABV.

Malts: Two row pale, white wheat, Carapils and Munich.

Hops: Fuggle, Cascade and Willamette.



New Belgium Summer Helles: $9.49/6pk btls

Brewed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Helles is the German word for “light” or “pale”, and this lager fits the name. Brilliant gold in color with a soft, white foam, a subtle dryness and mild spicy hop bitterness, this beer comes in at 5% ABV and 31 IBU’s.

Malts: Pale and Schill Pils.

Hops: Target, Tettnang and Hallertau.



Firestone Walker Easy Jack: $10.49/6pk btls

Session IPA brewed and dry hopped with a selection of new hop varieties from Europe, New Zealand and the North America. Easy drinking at 4.5% ABV. Not overly bitter at 45-50 IBU’s. Big hop aroma with well balanced maltiness.

Malts: American Pale Malt, Munich Malt, Malted Wheat, English Carmel -35, Cara Pils, Rolled Oats.

Hops: Bavarian Mandarina, Hallertau Melon, Blend of New Zealand, American Mosaic.


Odell St. Lupulin: $10.99/6pk btls

An extra pale ale with a very floral hop aroma and a crisp, clean finish. The beer is dry-hopped, with mild bitterness at 45 IBU’s, and comes in at 6.5% ABV. Light gold in color with a foamy white head.

Malts: Pale, ESB, Vienna and Caramalt.

Hops: Cascade, Perle and Centennial.


Come on in and give them a try!

Note: IBU’s stands for International Bitterness Units, which is how the beer industry measures bitterness. The lower the number, the less bitter the beer!

Chip Bartsch

Beer Buyer