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Ravenswood Winery

Joel Peterson and The Ravenswood winery completed its first harvest in 1976 in Sonoma County, California. After the wines were well received at a San Francisco wine competition in 1979, Joel accumulated more investors which in turn allowed him to expand and formed a partnership with more grape growers. Though the focus and really their reputation is for Zinfandel, Ravenswood has been involved since the beginning with other varietals such as Cabernet and Merlot. The winery was rogue for the early years and wine was made in a couple of different locations before settling down just outside Sonoma in 1991. The first wines were single vineyard offerings that expanded into a county designated series in the early 1980’s, and then the release of the Vintners blend series in the mid 1980’s. At Ravenswood they pride themselves on tradition and really sticking to old world wine making techniques still utilized today. Known as the ‘Godfather” of Zinfandel; Joel Peterson and Ravenswood are the number one Zinfandel producer in the world.

For the Month of October we will be featuring the Ravenswood wines that we carry at a discounted price as part of our Wine of the Month program. The wines we will be featuring are:

Sonoma Zinfandel
Zen of Zin
V.B. Zinfandel
V.B. Petite Sirah
V.B. Cabernet Sauvignon
V.B. Merlot
V.B. Chardonnay

These are great wines for the price. Ravenswood has historically delivered a high quality wine for a very fair price. From the single vineyard wines to the more general vintners blend wines, there is something that any wine drinker can enjoy. Stop by to check out the Ravenswood wine during the month of October!


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