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Pinckney Bend Rested Whiskey


In the early 19th century whiskey was produced by small, local distillers. Transported by wagon and boat in barrels of all sizes, it aged only as long as it took to travel from where it was produced to where it was consumed. But even a brief exposure to wood transforms well-made new whiskey into something special.  Whiskey is a living, breathing thing.  Early distillers quickly learned that young corn whiskey, ‘rested’ for even a short time in ‘burnt’ white oak barrels has a charm all its own.  It is not yet mature enough to be called  Straight Whiskey, but its a spirit America’s pioneers valued and enjoyed.  

Pickney Bend Rested Whiskey is a nod to the days of early America. It is not a bourbon by definition because a portion of the whiskey is aged in used cooperage which disqualifies it from being a bourbon whiskey. There are several other factors that go into making great whiskey. Time is a huge factor in making great whiskey, as well as the vessels the whiskey is aged in.  Most new distillers are trying to create whiskey that can be bottled sooner than later, so that they can meet the supply for the current demand.  Many distillers are purchasing Indiana corn whiskey and blending it with their distillate to facilitate this, “quick to market” style of whiskey. 

Pinckney Bend rested whiskey takes a different approach.  This American whiskey is aged for one year in 15 gallon barrels.  Not only are these barrels smaller than most, but they are made from Missouri White Oak.  Missouri is known for having the best oak in the world which imparts a superior flavor into their whiskey, and having smaller barrels imparts more flavor quickly with increased surface area interacting with the wood.  Another factor that goes into the flavor of Pinckney Bend Rested Whiskey is the fact that the distillery is located only 300 feet from an active railroad.  Being this close to the railroad tracks makes the ground rumble a bit.  This rumbling agitates the barrels, which in turn increases the interaction with the Missouri Oak making it even more flavorful.

All of these factors lead to a great American rested whiskey.  It may not say Bourbon on the label, but this rested whiskey has all of the qualities of an aged bourbon with a faster to market time period.  Pinckney Bend Rested Whiskey did receive a San Francisco World Spirits Double Gold medal in 2014, as well as a Silver at the London International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Next time you are looking for the excellent flavor of Missouri Oak in a smooth drinkable whiskey, look no further.  Come pick up a bottle of Pinckney Bend Rested Whiskey. Retail price is $ 59.99.