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Our New Singles Door!

We are excited to debut our new singles door in the beer section! Many of our customers and out of town guests have asked to mix their own 6 packs or to try a single beer over the years. While we try to be accommodating, we also wanted to do it right. While some of the other liquor stores in the valley offer a door where you can mix your own 6 pack, they only offer a limited selection of beers that you can mix in. They set a price for the mix and generally only offer lower and mid priced beers for you to choose from.

We wanted to offer a better selection for you to choose from, and didn’t necessarily want to make you buy 6 beers. With the investment in some new shelving, we now have a door with over 50 beers to choose from, and each is individually priced as a single, at roughly the same price as they cost if you divided the pack price. The new shelves have rolling wheels, so the beers slide forward. You don’t have to peer down the line to see if there are any left toward the back, and the facing has a plexiglass shield, so that there is no bar covering up the label. You can easily peruse the new selection!

And what a selection! We will carry a wide variety of styles and prices in this new door, from inexpensive domestic beers for those of you who just want one for the road, to some higher end specialty and import beers that you may have been shy to buy in a pack without knowing what they taste like. Have you ever looked at one of those expensive 4 packs of Duvel, or Dogfish Head and wondered how those beers taste, but didn’t want to spend $20 to find out? Well now you can just buy one to see how you like it, or just as a treat beyond your regular pack purchase.

We intend to offer a wide and ever changing variety of 12 and 16 ounce beers in this new door. There are so many beers on the market these days, it is hard to keep up with all of the options and requests, based on limited space. The new singles door will allow us to bring in new seasonal beers, and beers from new breweries that we may not have had room for otherwise. And it will allow us to respond to our customers’ wants and requests to diversify our selection. We now have a place to try out new beers as singles, without bumping other popular beers from our pack selection. And if you see a beer in a pack that you would like to try, please ask our friendly staff, and we can break one out for you to buy as a single.

Here is a sampling of what is in the singles door now:

Rolling Rock 12oz btl- $1.09

Budweiser 12oz btl – $1.35

Moretti La Rossa 11oz btl – $1.19

Abita Lemon Wheat 12oz btl – $1.59

Maui Coconut Porter 12oz can – $2.79

Green Flash West Coast IPA 12oz btl – $2.69

Augustiner Brau Edelstoff 11oz btl – $2.69

Affligem Blonde Ale 11oz btl – $2.89

Funkwerks Tropic King Imperial Saison 12oz btl – $3.09

Iron Maiden Trooper 16oz can – $3.29

And there are many more to choose from. So diversify your palate without breaking the bank! Stop on in and check out the best beer selection in the valley at competitive prices, from singles to 30 packs.

Chip Bartsch

Beer Buyer