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Oktoberfest 2018 around Vail

Well, we’ve made it folks. It is officially past Labor Day in the Vail Valley and time to start thinking about the upcoming winter season. But before you get your warm gear out, don’t forget about the beautiful autumn we are about to experience. Fall is perhaps my favorite time of the year here in the valley. There is plenty of time to unwind and take in the amazing view and weather of fall time in the mountains. Along with the onset of cooler weather comes one of the best seasons for beer. Not only do we have pumpkin beers to look forward to, but Oktoberfest beers which are a great way to take in the season.

Generally these beers are lager styles. They are however, slightly stronger and darker than most traditional German lager styles. They are both flavorful and refreshing and are good middle ground; neither summer porch pounders nor the big dark beers of winter, but instead a season appropriate beverage.

Oktoberfest celebrations in Lion’s Head were last weekend, and the upcoming Vail Village version is slated for this upcoming weekend (September 14th-16th). We are fully stocked on Oktoberfest beers here at West Vail Liquor Mart. You can choose from a traditional German option such as Paulaner or Ayinger (which is drinking particularly well in my opinion) or from the limitless craft beer options available.

A couple of highlights from 2018 so far include 4 Noses brewing out of Broomfield who has a new Oktoberfest which I think is very delicious in line with everything they make. Also newly available is Jack’s Abby Brewing out of Massachusetts which specializes in lager beer. Their Oktoberfest style beer is called Copper Legend and is a very good new option with a rich matly flavor. Finally give La Cumbre’s example of the style a shot. This brewery does not mess around. Don’t sleep on this style as they are out of here just as quickly as they arrive.

This year we are celebrating our very own Oktoberfest here at West Vail Liquor Mart. Stay tuned for details, but mark your calendars for the weekend of Sept 29th for some fun events here at the store such as tastings and giveaways. Oktoberfest in Germany celebrates upcoming season and is a great tradition that is beloved in Vail. Make sure you celebrate this year whether it is here in West Vail, or in the village. We look forward to partying with you all! Prosit!



Dean LoRusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart