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New Breweries Long Overdue for Colorado Distribution

We are very lucky here in Colorado. We have so many great breweries and more are popping up all the time. Colorado beer is great and we are very proud of it. However, there is a touch of grey in the silver lining that is Colorado craft beer. Sometimes, the expansive competition prevents great breweries from all over the country from entering our market.

Every brewery must jump over legal hurtles and pay a fee to have the right to be distributed in each state. Often, a brewery will opt out of entering certain states based on a perceived lack of opportunity. For whatever reason, many staple breweries from around the country are finally becoming available in our great state. They are classics in the beer world; however, you may have not been exposed to them if you have lived in Colorado for a while.

First was the ever popular Bell’s brewery from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Our customers here at West Vail Liquor Mart have been asking about Bell’s for years. We have a strong Midwest presence in our local community and many people have grown to love Bell’s for their attention to detail and just delicious brews. The king of their lineup is Two Hearted Ale, and American IPA. Two Hearted is pretty much a cult classic with fervent drinkers who love its balance, its nice hop flavor, and its drinkablity. However, Bell’s is not a one trick pony. They do every style very well including Porter, Amber, Stout (Kalamazoo Stout) and many other seasonal offerings sure to please. Bell’s is now available year round in the state of Colorado and here at West Vail Liquor Mart.

Shortly behind Bell’s was an east coast classic, Brooklyn Brewery. Brooklyn makes incredible beer which is always very balanced and well crafted. Brew Master Garrett Oliver is one of the most respected names in the beer industry. Brooklyn is perhaps best known for Brooklyn Lager, an amber colored lager which features just a touch of hops and is ultra crushable. Also available is a mix pack featuring a new variety seasonally, Bel Air Sour Ale, a great affordable dry hopped sour in a 6pk and Sorachi Ace Saison, one of the most well made Saison style ales out there featuring a really cool hop which is multi dimensional and great for the Saisons. Keep an eye out for these offerings and more from Brooklyn Brewery.

Finally, we have long awaited the launch of Founders Brewing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Well, that time is finally here (almost). Founders will be available starting next week! I absolutely love Founder’s, especially their dark beers. Breakfast Stout is a personal favorite, but I don’t know if I have ever had a beer I didn’t like from these guys. We are so excited to welcome them in full time starting in Mid November 2018.

So whether these breweries are old favorites to you or something brand new to try, give them a whirl and see what you think.

Dean LoRusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart