New Breweries Available in CO, Tall Cans

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New Breweries Available in CO, Tall Cans


It is always exciting when new breweries become available in Colorado. Recently we’ve had a great wave of new breweries that have entered the state. Probably my top two that have become obtainable recently are Pipeworks Brewing out of Chicago and La Cumbre from Albuquerque, NM. Both these breweries sell their outstanding core lineup in 16oz Tall cans which is a format I really like in craft beer. “It comes in Pints?!?”


Pipeworks Brewing out of Chicago makes some excellent and sought after brews. They also have probably the coolest labels on the market. Perhaps best known for Ninja vs. Unicorn Double IPA, Pipeworks has a style all their own which is reflected both in their awesome can designs and their delicious brews. Besides Ninja vs. Unicorn, we have been carrying Lizard King, a Mosaic pale ale, Blood of the Unicorn, a red IPA, and Close Encounters hoppy stout, as well as a rotating selection of inventive 22oz bombers. Check out their website ( for your endless scrolling pleasure and an extensive list of cool batches of beer these guys have made. Their beers are highly rated and also highly coveted. We won’t always have them on the shelves, but when we can get them they usually grace our single beer door ranging from $3.29-$3.79 for single cans. They are also available in 4pks by request.


Also in 16oz cans in the single beer door at West Vail Liquor Mart is La Cumbre Brewing out of Albuquerque. They have one of the most solid core beer selections that I have tasted. Each brew nails style guidelines and finishes incredibly clean. Probably their best known brew is Elevated IPA, a beer which gained fame when it won the 2011 Great American Beer Festival Gold Metal for American Style IPA. It is one great IPA measuring in at 100 IBUs, however, is very easy to put (maybe a few) down. Their Malpais Stout also boasts a GABF metal and is a nice roasty robust brew. Personally I was very impressed by Slice of Hefen, a Bavarian Style Hefeweizen. Not a whole lot of American brewers are making this style and often American interpretations do not hold a candle to their European counterparts. Slice of Hefen meets the challenge however, and is a wonderfully clean wheat beer. Finally, we are carrying Red Ryeot, a rye IPA which showcases both the hops and rye in great harmony. All La Cumbre beers are $2.99 for a single 16oz cans at West Vail Liquor Mart.

Dean LoRusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart