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My Top 5 Stouts @ West Vail Liquor Mart

Don’t be tricked by “Fool’s Spring”. We are still in the dead of winter and there is nothing better on a cold day then a stout. With dark roasty flavors, a nice stout will warm you up and let you enjoy a nice cold snowy day. Here are my top 5 stouts available at West Vail Liquor Mart:


#5 – Sierra Nevada Stout – One of the original Sierra Nevada brews, you will not find this nearly as often as their famed pale ale. We got a couple cases special ordered into the store and they are drinking great. It is just a strait forward stout that won’t kill you with a sub 6% ABV.

#4 – Upslope Oatmeal Stout – This is my favorite seasonal beer from Upslope out of Boulder, CO. It is a nice and bold brew with a smooth velvet mouthfeel. It is delicious and available in 6pk cans.

#3 – Rogue Shakespeare Stout – An absolute classic and sometimes forgotten, this beer has it all. It is Robust upfront with notes of chocolate and roasted coffee. Shakespeare always leaves you wanting another sip. Look for this beer in 22oz bomber bottles.   

#2- La Cumbre Malpais Stout – This is my favorite “strait up” stout. Nothing added and a nice sweet spot at 7.5% ABV just aggressive enough without being overbearing. Available in 16oz Cans!

#1 – North Coast – Barrel Aged XXI Old Rasputin– If we had any of the non-barrel aged version it would be on this list also. North Coast’s Old Rasputin is a favorite of stout lovers world wide. Very rare and elusive, the barrel aged version aged in Bourbon barrels is amazing. It is very complex yet approachable. I was blown away by this monster.