March Sleeper Picks

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March Sleeper Picks

March is the time of year for bold predictions. You can’t always pick the crowd favorite if you want the best bracket, and you can’t always drink the best beer unless you stray from the mainstream. Here are my four “sleeper pick” beer options at the store. These beers that are all awesome but sometimes overlooked.

#1. Melvin Citradamus Melvin has really impressed me this year. Their core hoppy beers are always fresh and always tasty. However, they stepped into the next level, I believe, with their rotating imperial IPA series (or RIIPA for short). They started off with a bang with the Asterisk, a mosaic dominated juice bomb. However, they took juicy to a new level with Citradamus, using of course, Citra hops. These rotators only stick around for a short time to don’t sleep on this sleeper.

#2. Baere Brewing Saison Baere is an awesome Denver brewery you may not have heard of. You could pass by it on Broadway and not even see it with the brewery being wedged in a strip mall. However, don’t miss their early run of bottles because they are just awesome. My favorite is their classic take on a Belgian Saison, a bronze metal winner at this year’s Great American Beer Festival. Batch #2 is available at the store right now, spiked with Brett yeast that gives a dry and slightly tart twist to the beer.

#3. Epic Son of Baptist When I tried Epic Brewing Son of Baptist last year in a 22oz format I thought it was an awesome baby brother to the Big Bad Baptist. It had more coffee presence and was easier to drink, but still maintained some of the good roasty qualities of its predecessor. Not shy at 8%, this beer was fantastic. However, when they put in a can I was permanently hooked. Now more portable and affordable, S.O.B is my go to coffee stout.

#4. Tivoli Brewing Bohemian Girl Pilsner I love when a beer is just awesome because it is amazingly well made. Tivoli’s revival beer Bohemian Girl Pilsner is just that, a perfectly made Pils. So drinkable that it is dangerous, Bohemian Girl has no frills. It is just great. It is available in 6pk stubby bottles. Pick some up!

– Dean LoRusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart