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Domaine Marcel Deiss is a winery in the town of Bergheim within the region of Alsace, France. Jean-Michel Deiss currently manages the winemaking and is a bit of a revolutionary in the region in regards to his methods and decisions when it comes to making wine. The winery was established in 1947, but the Deiss family has roots in the region dating back the 18th century. The winery now controls and farms 52 acres and produces around 10,000 cases of wine per year. He is very focused on authenticity when producing wines. He produces three distinct classifications of wine:
1. Wines of Fruit which are single varietal wines from a specific commune or village.
2. Terrior Wines which are blends that he feels best represents the terrior of a specific vineyard or site. These wines are made from premier cru and grand cru vineyards which sort of sets Deiss apart from the crowd. He believes because of lost biodiversity, this practice of blending is necessary to truly represent the terrior in an authentic manner. The vineyards in Alsace have traditionally been co-planted, then in 1975 legislation required Grand Cru vineyards to distinguish varietal type and because of this law the biodiversity of the vineyards was lost. In 2005 this requirement for labeling was retracted and now listing varietals is optional.
3. Time wines are the late harvest wines in the Deiss portfolio.

Deiss is a proponent of biodynamic and organic farming. His vineyards are planted in accordance to what he believes represents the terrior and not by varietal. The plantings are very dense which stresses the vines and forces a deep root. This results in low yields for the vines but increases the concentration and quality of the grapes. He has very minimal approach to winemaking. The wines are hand harvested, fermented in large wooden vats with indigenous yeasts and bottled without fining or filtering.

The wines of Marcel Deiss are special, exclusive and authentic. Please stop by to check out one of our Deiss selections.