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Marble Gingercello

Marble Distilling Company captures the heart and soul of Colorado with their handcrafted spirits because the heart and soul of their family is the driving force behind their small batch distillery. It all started with 2 mountain families, one from the heart of the Colorado Rockies and one from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northa Carolina. These in-laws weren’t the feuding type, rather they share a combined passion for crafting spirits the old fashion way. They built an artisan distillery together where water and energy conservation for environmental sustainablity is a daily practice.
Inspired by the pioneers of Marble, Colorado, local distiller, Connie Baker is continuing the Colorado tradition of creating something extraordinary utilizing Colorado’s natural resources.

The Stills:
Marble distilling has several differnt stills at their facility. “Hazel”, the 250 gallon Vendome Copper Pot Still works hard every day to finish their Vodka, Whiskeies, and Liqueurs. Vendome Copper and Brassworks have been making stills in Louisville, KY for over a century. The Stripping Still is a 500 gallon working gal made by Paul Caldwell from Confederate Stills of Alabama. Paul is a master woodworker and also handcrafted several open cypress fementation tanks for Marble Distilling which is an old world approach to Whiskey fementation. The Mash tun and distillery tanks are also Colorado natives, fabricated by Bennett Forgeworks in Ridgeway, CO.

Sustainable by design:
As a vision for Marble Distilling Co. & The Distillery Inn became a reality, so did a sustainable building design and distilling process. One of the missions of Marble Distilling is to conserve our resources by putting into place sound water conservation and sustainablity initiatives.
Here are just a few examples of how they have made this mission come to life…

Building Design & Distilling Process
83% more energy efficient than Carbondale Green Code requirements
1.8 billion BTUs of energy saved per year
Enough energy to power 20 homes annually
All grains for vodka are locally sourced and Colorado grown
All Distilling equipment made in the USA
Spent grains are given to local ranchers for livestock feed

Water Savings
4.1 Million gallons of water per yearsaved by recapturing cooling water
No hot water discharge to sewer – saves water & reduces impact on sewer plant

Renewable Energy
4.85 Kilowatts of Photovoltaics on roof
Produces 7,270 Kilowatt Hours of electricity per year
Saves 14,500 pounds of Carbon each year

Thermal Storage Tanks
5,000 gallons of reclaimed hot water offsets natural gas use
5,000 gallons of cooled water from free rooftop cooling offsets electricity use

Marble Distilling makes several different products, one of which is a modern adaptation of an Italian classic. Marble Gingercello is a tribute to the Springtime season when the snow starts to melt . Fresh cut ginger and the sweetest part of the lemon zest are the main ingredients in the Gingercello that give it a unique refreshing taste. One of the most important parts of any spirit made is the water source they use. The Yule Quarry – home of the marble used for columns of the Lincoln Memorial have been integral not only in the design but the actual distilling process. MDC’s vodka is filtered through crushed Yule marble rather than traditional carbon of charcoal and it is finished with water from the Crystal River in Marble.

Cocktail Recipes:

1.5oz Gingercello
.5oz Vodka
2oz Margarita Mix
Shake with ice, pour into glass, Enjoy!

1.5oz Gingercello
1.5oz Vodka
Add Club soda
Top with fresh lemonade
Shake with ice, pour into jar, garnish with fresh mint