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Laws Whiskey House

West Vail Liquor Mart has picked up a few new Denver Whiskeys that we are very excited about. Laws Whiskey House is a distillery that is committed to educating the public about how whiskey is made, and takes a “no shortcuts” attitude towards their process. West Vail Liquor Mart currently carries three products from this distillery; Their Four Grain Straight Bourbon, a Single Barrel option, and a Rye Whiskey. The attention to detail and hands on process that they use creates a high end product that is meant to be enjoyed with friends.

The Distillery:
The distillery is located in Denver Colorado at 1420 S. Acoma. It is here where they mill their grains, combine and cook them to create and incredibly complex sour mash. Here the mash is open-air fermented for four days. They then distill it in a four plate pot/column still custom made just for them by Vendome Copper Works. From there the whiskey makes its way to full sized American White Oak barrels, where it will stay for a minimum of two years.

At Laws, They live by a few simple rules, or a mantra. Craft over commodity. Quality over quantity. Whiskey above all. If they had a fourth, it would be “no shortcuts.” They are committed to their whiskey as well as their customers to make an excellent product. Integrity is a very large part of the Laws Whiskey House credo.

Every step of of the production is carried out in-house, and no compromises are made at any point. Starting with grain from family owned Colorado Malting Company out of Alamosa, Colorado and corn from Briess Mallting in Chilton, Wisconsin. They feel that the only way to make a great whiskey, one with balance and character, is using the traditional, and far more intensive method of open-air fermentation. The next step is aging the whiskey in 53 gallon charred American White Oak barrels which they source from Independent Stave Company in southern Missouri. Unlike other parts of the US where whiskey ages under a blanket of winter months, here in Colorado we have a continually changing climate that expands and contracts the barrels to constantly agitate the whiskey and give it more character. The final, and most important part of the process is the taste. At Laws they use their palates to taste the whiskey and make sure it it ready to bottle. Unlike other distilleries that look to mass produce quickly, at Laws they “Let the Whiskey tell them when its ready.”

The Four Grain Bourbon that they produce has a mashbill of 60% Corn, 20% Wheat, 10% Barley, and 10% Rye. These “American Mother Grains” are painstakingly combined to create a highly complex and flavorful whiskey. The results showcase the flavor of each grain without compromising balance. Four grain bourbons are harder to create, but with the proper time and careful attention they are well worth it.

Next time you are looking for a Colorado Bourbon to enjoy with friends and family, stop by West Vail Liquor Mart and pick up a bottle of Laws Whiskey House Bourbon.

Kyle C
Liquor Buyer
West Vail Liquor Mart