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Knob Creek Bourbon & Rye Whiskey



The Creek:

We don’t take days off. We just leave our watches at home. You see, out here time is measured in barrels and passed in bottles. Because we adhere firmly to the belief that if you don’t take your time, somebody else will.

While the world busies itself with doing everything faster, this is where we come to slow down and enjoy what’s ours to share.

Out here, we don’t just work for work’s sake. The reason we do things the hard way is that it makes the reward at the end that much better. And we let the whiskey remind us of that.  Every drop in every barrel is the fruit of hard-earned experience. It’s an act of nature, our bourbon. And over the years, we have learned to capture it, one bottle at a time. So that we can bring it out here, in it’s true element. The Creek.

There’s no faking full bourbon flavor. It has to be earned. So that’s what we do in Clermont: we earn it. We start by selecting the finest grains. And we finish by meticulously aging our whiskey in white oak barrels with maximum char, for an unmistakable richness and signature sweetness. It’s the natural way. And there’s just no cheating nature.

Knob Creek Bourbon:

An unflinching balance of deep, old-style flavor with a natural oak sweetness.

Aged 9 years

50% ABV (100 Proof)

Distilled/Bottled by Jim Beam American Stillhouse, Clermont, KY

Color: Copper to medium amber

Aroma: Toasted nuts, grain, oak.

Taste: Rich, sweet, woody, full-bodied, almost fruity.

Finish: Long, rich and glowing


Knob Creek Rye Whiskey:

We select the highest-quality rye to create the World’s Best Rye 2016 IWSC.

“Patiently” aged

50% ABV (100 Proof)

Distilled/Bottled by Jim Beam American Stillhouse, Clermont, KY

Color: Shades of gold to light amber

Aroma: Expansive notes of herbs and rye with nuances of oak.

Taste: Bold rye spiciness with undertones of vanilla and oak.

Finish: Warm and smooth with spice throughout.


Retail price for a 750ml bottle $39.99