Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin

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Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin

Juniper Green London Dry Gin

Juniper Green is a small-batch Certified Organic London Dry Gin. Combining old world gin distillation traditions with top notch organic ingredients, Juniper Green has become a benchmark by which quality gin may be judged. There is no high-tech secret behind making such exceptional gin, the magic lies in a small-batch distillation process combined with traditional methods and care. Small batches mean top quality and the opportunity to use older, time-tested techniques, crafting gin much the way it was done in generations before.

The simple, elegant blend of botanicals used to impart flavor to Juniper Green is hand-selected for quality and is USDA Certified Organic, ensuring the utmost quality. Coupled with the craft distillation, these remarkably pure ingredients give Juniper Green its clean, bright flavor and delicate aroma.

The Ingredients and Distillation

Juniper Green’s signature delicate taste and aroma is achieved by simply using carefully-selected ingredients of exemplary quality. The namesake plant, juniper, is grown wild near the Black Sea. It is harvested according to the FairWild standard, providing us with the very finest juniper while also assuring the long-term sustainability of the harvest and the biodiversity of the lands it is harvested from. Fine organic coriander seed, angelica root, and summer savory round out Juniper Green’s elegant and minimal botanical blend. The organic rye that produces the base spirit is a natural cultivar, grown biodynamically on a single farm to assure quality and sustainability.

Juniper Green is distilled in the traditional cradle of fine gin: London, England. The distillery in South London is amongst the smallest in the United Kingdom. Juniper Green is born from a pair of traditional pot stills. The size of the stills is a point of pride, for small-scale distilling allows for a level of quality control that is simply not possible on an industrial scale.

The production of Juniper Green occurs under the watchful eye of Master Distiller Charles Maxwell, an 8th-generation distiller. In principal, making traditional gin is very simple: alcohol derived from grain is distilled with botanicals, with no sweeteners, colorants, or additives of any kind.

The Results

Given the care taken crafting this fine gin, it should be no surprise that Juniper Green has become a favorite of gin connoisseurs around the world. The uncluttered botanical blend and exceptionally pure rye base result in a fresh, delicate flavor and aroma, full of juniper notes and backed by hints of coriander seed, summer savory, and angelica root.

Juniper Green has claimed a remarkable twelve medals for excellence at major international competitions. These victories include gold medals from the International Wine and Spirits Competition and the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI). BTI described Juniper Green as “bold, yet balanced” and gave it a rating of 92, “exceptional.”

In 2007, His Royal Highness Charles, Prince of Wales bestowed an exceptionally unique honor upon Juniper Green: his Royal Warrant of appointment. The Royal Warrant is a time-honored British tradition of recognizing the craftsmen and manufacturers who supply the goods that are selected for use by the royal court. Juniper Green is the first gin to be recognized with a Royal Warrant in over 80 years.

Why Organic?

Altitude Spirits offers spirits distilled in very different ways from very different ingredients, but that all have one thing in common: a USDA Organic Certification. For years savvy consumers and culinary professionals have sought out organic produce for quality and taste. But what does organic mean when it comes to a fine spirit?

Organic means quality. Starting with crops untainted by pesticides and sewage sludge fertilizers, organic products are already free of chemicals used in the fields that may taint the final product. But organic also means that no shortcuts are taken in the distillation process, like nitrates used in fermentation or chemical “blending agents” added at the end of the process. Organic products only achieve outstanding quality by starting with exceptional raw ingredients and distilling them with care.

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