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This story all began in a garage. In 2012, young and creative founder Seth Benhaim made up his mind about what he loved. He had decided the world was in desperate need of an authentic spirit – one that offered a natural and simple process that anyone could understand. After experiencing the magic of a truly hand-made infused spirit while on vacation, he realized this was nowhere to be found. So naturally, he had to be the one to create it.

And he did. One year and a few hundred samples later, Seth launched Infuse Spirits. Just three months after launching, Seth, (then 25 years old) was the youngest brand owner to ever win Best-in-Show and Double-Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

There is great passion at Infuse Spirits. Our team work tirelessly to ensure every bottle of Infuse Spirits is balanced, smooth, and bursting with character and flavor. If you haven’t tasted our vodka yet, we hope you get to soon. 


Lemon Vodka:

This gold-medal winning infusion at the New York International Spirits Competition is something to be marveled. The twists and turns of the thinly cut peel make for a perfect artistic visual in the seemingly flawless craft vodka.

Thin ribbons of lemon peel visible inside the bottle speak to this brand’s natural-infusion ethos. The vodka has a pale yellow hue and bright candied-lemon peel scent. The liquid feels silky and viscous on the tongue, and evokes waxy lemon peel flavors. Well-chilled, this is a bracing martini option.






Mango Habanero Vodka:

Perfectly paired with a Bloody Mary, there is serious spiciness and flavor created by our mango habanero infusion, not to be mistaken for other pepper or chipotle vodkas.

Strong orange-gold color, with aromas of fresh mangos and subtle peppers and spiced hazelnut. Hot and sweet medium body and interesting hint of papaya and mango amongst the various pepper jelly notes. One of a kind.




Both Vodkas are 80 proof & available in a 750ml bottle for $24.99

Cocktail options available at

We recommend trying the Ginger Lemondrop or a Mango Mary for your next cocktail.


Kyle C

Spirit Buyer

West Vail Liquor Mart