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West Vail Liquor Mart achieved our Actively Green Certification in 2014. Sustainability seems to be a current Global theme and we feel we need to do our part to be as environmentally friendly as we can. This includes carrying products that adhere to the same sustainable mindset. Our April wine of the Month will be featuring the wines of the Hahn Family Winery. Like us they received a sustainable certification called “SIP” which translates to sustainable in practice. There are multiple components involved with this certification which include: Biodiversity; allowing native flora and fauna as well as wildlife co-exist with the vineyards. Vineyard Management; continually improving farming practices to keep the land environmentally friendly. Soil Management; Managing the land by abstaining from using unnatural methods to improve soil health. Pest Management; Using Biodynamic methods by incorporating beneficial insects such as ladybugs and beetles to control unwanted pests. Water and Energy conservation, special pumps and U.V. light to clean the water. Organic approved Pesticides, Social Equity, providing full benefits to the core group of farmers working for them. Also continuing education on current sustainable practices with everything from Farming to economic viability. They have also received a green certification through the Monterey Area Green Business Initiative which has similar qualities to our own Actively Green Certification in Eagle County.

The idea of being “Green” is something that is very important to us at WVLM and by supporting others with similar ideas we hope to promote awareness. This concept is really about self improvement for the better whole. As long as we can be as “Green” as possible without sacrificing quality we are improving; which is something we should strive for in every aspect of life.

Although improving your environmental awareness is important, it also needs to make sense for your product, bottom line. The wine that the Hahn Winery is producing is a great example. I feel these wines offer a top quality product for a very fair price.

Come in and grab a bottle during the month of April for a discounted price and be green!



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