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Greenbar Craft Distillery

Greenbar is an American Craft Distillery, based in Las Angeles, that specializes in Organic Premium Spirits. West Vail Liquor Mart currently carries 3 of their products; the Jasmine and Orange liqueurs, as well as the Slow Hand White Whiskey.
The Organic Jasmine Liqueur is floral and exotic, and works best with island and Asian inspired cocktails. It also works great when added to sparkling wine.
The Organic Orange Liqueur has a bright fruit flavor that comes from blending sweet, sour, and bitter oranges. It works well as an addition to any margarita or orange flavored cocktail. On top of offering bright and flavorful organic options, Fruitlab liqueurs all contain 1/3 less sugar than most others.
Slow Hand White Whiskey is a distillate of oats, malt, and spelt. Unlike Moonshine, which has a sweeter corn flavor, Slow Hand is light and aromatic with tropical fruit flavors and a long clean finish. This organic white whiskey is Greenbar’s representation of what early American whiskey would taste like long before the oak aging process became more popular among distillers.

Here are a few cocktail options for these items:

Jasmine Fizz
1 oz FRUITLAB organic jasmine liqueur
4 oz organically grown sparkling wine
2 dashes BAR KEEP Swedish Herb bitters
Pour liqueur and bitters
Top with sparkling wine
Garnish with flower

CRUSOE Hemingway
1½ oz CRUSOE organic spiced rum
½ oz of FRUITLAB organic orange liqueur
Juice of half an organic lime
¼ oz fresh organic grapefruit juice
Shake and strain into coupe
Garnish with flamed orange zest

1½ oz SLOW HAND organic white whiskey
½ oz FRUIT LAB organic jasmine liqueur
1 oz organic fresh lemon juice
½ oz organic simple syrup
2 dashes BAR KEEP organic Chinese bitters
Shake all and strain into coupe

Stop by West Vail Liquor Mart and check out these unique spirits from Greenbar. And if you do end up picking up a bottle, Greenbar plants a tree for every bottle sold. So you will be helping the environment as well as your cocktails!