Organic wines are being sought out on a more regular basis today over even just a few years ago. There tend to be more organic wines coming from Europe because in some areas they have more stringent rules and regulations when it comes to their farming practices. In the United States there are organic wines and even wineries. The certification process is long, pricey, and in some cases difficult. However, we are starting to see more wines that are made from organic grapes.

Wines made with organic grapes are grown by farmers devoted to organic farming methods. This requires a commitment to eliminating the dependence on chemical fertilizers and toxic fungicides and insecticides in favor of natural practices that protect the health and safety of the farm workers, creates a thriving wildlife habitat, and results in clean runoff and healthier soils for the future.

In Mendocino County, Green Truck is making delicious and inexpensive wines from certified organic grapes. Two wines that we are proud to feature are their Petite Sirah and Sauvignon Blanc. With the Petite Sirah ($15.99) you notice lush dark fruits of blackberry, plum, and dark cherries that lead to a smooth finish with touches of oak and vanilla.

With the Sauvignon Blanc ($12.99) you get an uncomplicated wine with some traditional grapefruit and gooseberry aromas, with balanced acidity and a crisp, yet slightly viscous finish. This gives a nice round mouth feel that leaves you with flavors of grapefruit and fresh cut grass. Be sure to try these and other organic wines on your next trip to the store.


Bryant Roth

Wine Buyer