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Some Great European Beer Options

Often times we Americans forget our roots when it comes to beer. Yes – American beer is awesome! There are so many American options and styles to choose from and they are usually delicious. However, often European beers from Germany to England to Belgium to the Czech Republic and beyond have something special going on. Years upon years of brewing tradition have created some amazingly well crafted classics that are overlooked on the shelf.

Here are a couple of my picks of stand out Euro-brews available here @ West Vail Liquor Mart:

Köstritzer Schwarzbier is available for $7.99/4pk of 16oz cans. German in its origins, Schwarzbier is a dark (almost black) style of lager. They are refreshing and at the same time flavorful with nice slightly roasty, nutty notes. A steal at $2 for a pint! Grab your biggest mug and enjoy on the porch during the summer.

Hofbrau Dunkel is another great dark lager from Germany. This beer is so well made and delightful. With notes of chocolate and a touch of caramel, this one is a winner. On the shelf @ 9.99/6pk bottles

Pilsner Urquell is the original Czech Pilsner – brewed since the 1800s. You will be surprised if you haven’t tried it by how hoppy this Pilsner is. It features Czech hops that provide an herbal balance to an all time classic. Available in 6pk Bottles for $9.99 and sometimes in 16oz cans!

La Chouffe from Belgium is one of my all time favorites. It features a flavorful house yeast character as well as a beautiful harmony of malts that make this a one of a kind offering. Available in 4pk Bottles for $13.99

These options only scratch the surface of how many great beers are imported from Europe. They may not be what you are used to if you drink American craft beers. However, the craftsmanship and subtlety of these brews can open up your taste buds to some exciting new experiences.

Dean LoRusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart