Gem & Bolt Mezcal is a new product to the shelves at West Vail Liquor Mart. It’s name comes from mythic lore. Long ago in ancient Mexico, a lightning bolt hit the heart, (or gem) of the agave plant. This roasted and fermented the sugars and released the plants sacred mystical sap known today as mezcal.

Gem & Bolt is a mezcal made from Espadin agave plants. These plants are pollinated at night by bats, and take up to 10 years to mature before they can be harvested and made into mezcal. Another addition is added to Gem & Bolt Mezcal to create a unique taste and feeling. Damiana is a flowering bush native to Mexico. It is long revered by the Maya and Aztec for its mood elevating properties and for endowing mythic powers in the bedroom. This uplifting herb complements the Gem & Bolt Mezcal’s heart opening properties.

The flavor of Gem & Bolt Mezcal is clean yet smoky like many other mezcals out there. The addition of this unique herb is probably what makes Gem & Bolt stand out among the others. The white bottle is a very cool looking package with minimal flash or other eye catching flare.

The next time you are looking for an easy drinking mezcal with uplifting elements, look no further than Gem & Bolt Mezcal.

Available at West Vail Liquor Mart for $49.99 a bottle 750ml in size.