Gascogne Region and Mont Gravet Cotes de Gascogne

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Gascogne Region and Mont Gravet Cotes de Gascogne

CĂ´tes de Gascogne is a designated winemaking zone, with 30 appellations and 1400 wine producers, located in Southwest France bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west, and Spain and the Pyrenees Mountains on the south. With its rich agriculture and rolling hills, the area is often referred to as the Tuscany of France.

This region has best been known for being the home of Armagnac. However, now over two thirds of vineyards are planted to grapes for Cotes de Gascogne and 75% of the wine is sold for export. The majority of these wines are dry, crisp, refreshing, and very aromatic whites with notes of citrus and tropical fruits.

One recent addition from this region here at the store is the Mont Gravet Cotes de Gascogne ($8.99). This 100% Colombard is harvested at night resulting in an aromatic, fresh wine packed with aromas and flavors of citrus, stone, tree and tropical fruits supported by blackcurrant leaf and underlying minerality. 

The wine has a bright yellow color with nice citrus notes on the nose. During our tasting some of us noticed a hint of salinity, not unlike an Albarino. We all felt the wine would pair well with seafood, specifically shellfish. But it also had an enjoyment quality that made you feel it would be delicious as an aperitif, and if food was desired, a mild cheese and toasted baguette would be great. This is definitely a wine worth trying and for this price what do you have to lose.


Bryant Roth

Wine Buyer