If you came into the store in the last couple years and asked me what brewery I am most excited about, there is a good chance I would have mentioned New Image brewing based out of Arvada, Colorado. New Image is now on the map in a big way and is often mentioned in beer publications including recently being included in the Brewer’s Association’s fastest growing breweries of 2018. New Image is a very well rounded brewery. They are perhaps best known for their hoppy beers which are usually hazy, tropical and delicious. However, these guys are no one trick pony. They make delicious beer in many different styles and I am very excited to feature them as our April Beer of the Month with special offers on all of their tasty brews. Here is a little preview on what is to be featured this month.


Single by Choice: Mosaic: $10.99/6pk Cans

Single by choice is my go to everyday drinker from New Image. Single by choice is single hopped pale ale which over the year changes which hop is being featured. Lucky for us – the Mosaic version is now available and on special this month. Mosaic has a lot of really cool qualities, displaying many different fruit notes. Single by Choice in general is hazy and usually tropical. It has all the flavor of New England IPA without the higher alcohol and body.


Coriolis Effect: “New Zealand Style” IPA: $10.99/6pk Cans

Coriolis Effect is New Image’s year round hazy IPA featuring New Zealand hops. It has a nice fruity tropical feel and is very easy to drink for an IPA. It is not especially bitter, but is rather smooth and delightful.


Moped: Blood Orange Witbier $8.99/6pk Cans

Moped is New Image’s bread and butter summer crusher. It is a Belgian style Wit with blood orange. It is super refreshing and easy to drink, and on sale all month at a great price of $8.99/6pk Cans.


Dyad: Kombucha Sour $10.99/6pk Cans

If Sour beer is your thing, Dyad is a great option. It is nice and tart and refreshing with Kombucha and sometimes other delicious ingredients. 


East Coast Transplant: “Vermont Style Double IPA” $8.99/4pk Cans

East Coast Tansplant is a nod to New England or Vermont IPAs. It is almost too easy to drink at over 8% ABV and features a tidal wave of Juicy hops.


The Rest: One More Time, Paul, Over Ripe, Black Lipstick, Meet the New Boss, DDH Coriolis Effect, Talkin’ Shit

The five beers I mentioned already are the core of New Image’s arsenal. However, what is really so fun and awesome about this brewery is their experimentation. Whether they tweak an existing recipe or come up with something brand new and fun, they are not shy. I’ll let you google the rest and see if they are something you would like to try. These packages are extremely limited so when they are gone they might be gone for a while. Everything will be available at a discounted price so now is the time to come in and try something new!


Dean LoRusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart