Benefits of Membership

1. It Saves You Money: When you use your Dollar Discount Card a percentage of the amount of your purchase is applied to your personal account. You can use your store credit on future purchases at West Vail Liquor Mart. You can let your credit build up for a special purchase or use it weekly.

2. It’s Free! Simply fill out the application form online and we’ll mail your Dollar Discount Club card. You can also sign up in the store by scanning your Driver’s License or filling out our application. You will immediately receive your Dollar Discount Card and will begin accumulating store credit.

3. It applies to all your purchases: Is does not matter if you purchase beer, wine, spirits or accessories. All your purchases count toward your credit amount. It’s like everything is on sale everyday!

4. How to Use your card: Each time you shop at West Vail Liquor Mart simply show your card to the cashier, give your last name or your account number and your purchases will be applied to your account. The cashier can look up your name so you always receive the benefit of your Dollar Discount Card.