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Check Out Our Expanded Cider Section

Sometimes there is nothing better on a hot day than a refreshing hard cider. Cider is so versatile and even great as a food pairing. They can range from very sweet to bone dry and there are so many good ones out there these days to try. Here at West Vail Liquor Mart we know this fact and have recently expanded our cider offerings. You won’t find hard cider at your large chain grocery stores. The only places you will quench the thirst for this juicy goodness is at your local liquor store, like WVLM! Here are a few great ciders that I have been enjoying that are available at the store.

Argus Cidery – Ciderkin

Hailing from Austin, TX, Argus Cidery does a great job at creating a drinkable, bright product. Ciderkin is “wild fermented”, but finishes incredibly cleanly. It has a nice bright acidic mouthfeel and is recommended to enjoy over ice for ultimate refreshment.

Wild Cider – Bee Hoppy

Wild Cider is based right here in Colorado, specifically in Firestone. Their products are available in a nice 4pk 16oz can package and everything they make is really delicious in its own way. My personal favorite from Wild Cider is called “Bee Hoppy” a cider with hops and honey added. I love hoppy ciders and I believe that they are approachable for anyone, even if you think you don’t like hops. The hops in Bee Hoppy add a slight floral and fruity flavor without imparting the bitterness that are found in many IPAs.

Summit Ciders – Della’s

“Della’s” from Summit Ciders, based out of Fort Collins, is inspired by the flavors found in apple strudel. An interesting concept – but a very developed and excellent execution. Perhaps more suited for a fall day than a summer one, but can easily be enjoyed any day of the year. Della’s is something unique but it is amazing – give it a try.

Etienne Dupont Bouche Brut

The holy grail of dry cider in my mind, Bouche Brut is made by Etienne Dupont, based in Normandy. We have many different formats of this cider always featuring a cork and cage bottle. We have 375ml, 750ml bottles, and if you ask we might even be able to hook you up with a 1.5L magnum!This cider is just so cool and complex and is an absolute rockstar when paired with food. Every vintage (yes this is a single vintage cider) is very different and features different complexity. Bouche Brut is a pretty nerdy cider, but so delicious every time.