The wine offers an inviting bouquet of rose petals, ripe plum fruit and tobacco notes. On the pallet the wine is dry and medium-bodied with a slightly tannic structure and enough acidity to hold up to beef and lamb dishes, but subtle enough to enjoy with pizza and red sauce pasta dishes. The wine finishes pure with a very slight rustic note which is really typical of Chianti.

Cara Mia is produced by the family farmers in the heart of Grave del Friuli. Their approach might be summed up as a respect for tradition alongside a commitment to innovation. For more than 80 years, the farmers have insisted that quality must be paramount in everything they do.

The farmers utilize state-of-the-art technology in the vineyards to continually monitor humidity levels in the soil, ambient temperature, sugar levels and many other metrics they consider critical to the optimal development of the berries on the vine. The farmers pay particular attention to clonal selection, micro-climatic conditions and achieving perfect physiological ripeness for every varietal.

The 2016 vintage is available for $7.99 and when you purchase at least 6 bottles of the Cara Mia Chianti you will enjoy a 15% discount.



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