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Canned Wine

The fastest growing area of the wine business over the past couple of years has been canned wine. According to Nielsen the canned wine industry is a $28 million business, up from $14.5 million last year and just $6.4 million the year before. The first domestic company to offer canned wine was Francis Ford Coppola Winery with their Sofia Blanc de Blancs ($19.99-4 Pack). This was all the way back in 2004. It took a long time for others to enter the market, but there has been a large uptick over the last five years.

What has definitely allowed small wineries to join this movement is that the technology to can wine has become more accessible in recent years. Ball Manufacturing, which makes those ubiquitous glass canning jars, does a brisk business in manufacturing single-serve wine cans for a number of wineries. Craft beer’s use of cans has no doubt helped pave the way. The metallic taste that many still feel comes from cans does not exist in these cans because of the internal coating they receive in the manufacturing process.

In general, canned wine is a good option for places and activities where bottles would be too heavy, impractical, or unsafe. Cans are much lighter than glass so they’re better for taking on a hike or to a picnic. They also stack more easily in a bag or cooler than bottled or boxed wine. And you’ll appreciate their lack of heft when you go to take out the recycling. And very important, they stay cool longer and they do not break, so they are great for the river, picnics, beaches, parks, skiing or sneaking into a show among many other great uses.

So the next time you have a need for a smaller size of wine consider the many great canned wines that are available. At the liquor store we will continue to increase the varietals, styles, and different sizes of canned wine options.


Bryant Roth

Wine Buyer