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Brown Jug Spirits – Bourbon Cream Liqueur

Brown Jug Spirits is a new American take on the Irish favorite Bailey’s. Brown Jug Spirits was started to help establish an all-American range of whiskey based spirits to share with your family and friends. Ingredients are sourced from American soils and also provide more American jobs.

How it all started:
One summer vacation the family was scrambling to use up all the leftover cocktail ingredients to avoid hauling them back home. There was leftover bourbon, cream, ice cream, vanilla, ice & maple syrup. With some creative inspiration, they threw it all in the blender, and –presto! — Bourbon Milkshakes were born. This concoction tasted great in coffee, root beer floats, in a variety of cocktails & even in baking.

REAL Dairy symbol:
When trying cream liqueurs that are whiskey based spirits, it can be difficult to understand if what you’re drinking is actually real dairy based? One way to wade through the choices is to look for the REAL dairy Seal. Products carring the REAL Seal are recognized as real dairy food, manufactured with milk from cows on U.S. dairy farms, & without imported, immitation, or substitute ingredients. The Seal was origionally created in 1976 by the dairy industry to combat the use of immitation cheese. By creating the REAL Seal, dairy producers can distingish themselves from the rest as being known for having a product with high integrity.

Brown Jug carries the REAL Seal on their Bourbon Cream Liqueur. They beleive in the American Spirit and source their ingredients from American farms. The cream used in their liqueur comes from the O-AT-KA cooperative dairy farm located in Batavia, New York. To Receive the Real Seal, the Bourbon Cream Liqueur has to be registered annually. Thier product has consistantly met strict manufacturing standards and cannot receive the Seal if it contains dairy from other counrties.

In the end it all comes down to trust. As a consumer you want to trust what a label says, you want to feel confident about where your ingredients are coming from, and trust that the product you are buying is truly genuine. Rest assured, you will enjoy Brown Jug Bourbon Cream in coffee, on ice, or in your favorite cocktail. It is the real deal, and it has the REAL Seal to prove it.
For more information on REAL Seal visit their website at :


Bourbon Cream Mudslide
1oz Brown Jug Spirits Bourbon Cream Liqueur
1oz Vodka
1oz coffee liqueur (kahlua)
1oz milk or cream
1 cup of ice
Chocolate syrup (optional)
Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into mason jar. Drizzle with chocolate syrup. Enjoy!

Bourbon Cream & Root Beer
1 part Brown Jug Bourbon Cream Liqueur
3 parts your favorite root beer
Pour ingredients over ice in a tall glass. Enjoy!

Colorado Bulldog
3oz Brown Jug Bourbon Cream liqueur
1oz Coffee liqueur (kahlua)
Cola of choice
In a tall glass, mix Bourbon Cream with coffee liqueur. Top with cola of choice. Enjoy!