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Brewery Spotlight: Jester King

If you are in search of the rare, funky and unique beers out there, I would strongly suggest you check out Jester King Brewing based out of Austin, TX. Jester King has been concocting some very interesting brews for years now. Committed to the funkier side of beer, Jester King uses special techniques to connect their beer with a place and time. Each batch is different, even within the same beer over time. Jester King makes small batches which makes their beer both highly sought after and difficult to obtain. We are lucky enough to have a wide selection of Jester King here at West Vail Liquor Mart. However, these will not last long so make sure you secure your bottles.


The 1st beer we have currently in stock from Jester King is called Cerveza de Mesquite, a delicious farmhouse style ale brewed with Mesquite beans. This is a great example of how Jester King pushes the limit of what a beer can be. Mesquite beans provide a brown sugar/molasses feel and our staff really enjoyed it. We found that the Mesquite flavor was not overly prominent but was balanced in an overall very tasty beer. Cerveza De Mesquite is available here at West Vail Liquor Mart for $15.99/750ml.


Secondly we have Funk Metal, a variation of their famous Black Metal (a farmhouse stout). Funk Metal features a much sourer feel than its cousin Black Metal. I thought that this beer was a great showcase of the funky yeasts and bacteria that makes Jester King such a fun and unique brewery. After the tart acidity fades you get delicious notes from the base stout such as dark fruits, chocolate and coffee. Funk Metal is $20.99/750ml.


Jester King is especially talented at using fruit in their beers in a way that is not overly dominant to the flavor, but essential to the overall feel. We have a pair of fruit beers that I think are great options for the summer. First is Demi Tone, farmhouse ale brewed with spent blueberries. The use of spent fruit is becoming quite popular in brewing. After the fruit is used for its juice the skins and remainder still provide great fruity flavors along with complexity. Demi Tone is available for $20.99/750ml. Finally we have Vague Recollection, a farmhouse ale featuring Syrah and Sangiovese grapes. This wine/beer hybrid is perfect for someone looking for something totally off the wall and different. Vague Recollection is also $20.99/750ml.


It is always fun to try something new in the beer world. Don’t miss your opportunity to try one of the nation’s coolest and most unique breweries.

Dean LoRusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart