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Brew From the Vault

If you are shopping for specialty beer, the kind of bottles you only see once in a while, you should look no further than the “vault barrel” at West Vail Liquor Mart, located next to our tasting bar to the east of out beer cooler. For years, we would hear customers come in and whisper, “What do you guys have hiding in the back?” This determined beer hunter would usually be looking for something beyond the obvious, something special. Well, we didn’t want to keep it a secret any more and the vault barrel was born. Any specialty items that would never see the shelf, or anything that we have not had a chance to put on the shelf resides on top of this barrel. You can find countless gems sitting there, from Russian River’s Pliny the Elder to some great farmhouse ales from Casey Brewing and Blending and everything in between. If you are seeking the rare, the unique, and the out of the box kind of brews this is one place you should definitely be looking.

Coming soon, we will be hosting a specialty beer tasting featuring different beers that break the mold. These tastings will be announced sporadically via our facebook page and will be titled the “Brew from the Vault” series. Also unlike our traditional public tastings, which are held every Friday from 4-6, these “Vault” tasting will not have a set end time. Instead, a specific amount of beer (sometimes with rare items it could be as low as a single bottle) will be allocated for the tasting and once it is done the tasting is over. This will be a great chance to try beer that you might not have otherwise purchased. Nothing featured in these tasting will be boring or middle of the road. The point of these tastings will be for our customers to enjoy something different, challenge their taste buds, and perhaps be turned on to tastes they are not used to. We will also be putting the featured on a one day only special price the day of the tasting, so it will be a great opportunity for you to pop on certain bottles, no pun intended.

I am very excited to get this program going, so check our facebook page coming up very soon for details on the 1st installment of “Brew from the Vault”. I hope to see a great turn out and the beer will undoubtedly be delicious.

– Dean Lorusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart