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Brew from the Vault Vol. 2 – Almanac

– Brew From the Vault Vol. 2 – Almanac Sours

Well our 1st Brew from the Vault tasting is in the books and was a great success! We tried some great Belgian beers and turned some folks on to some new tantalizers of the taste buds. It went so well in fact that we are backing it right up with Vol. 2 featuring 2 sour beers from Almanac Brewing out of northern California. The tasting will take place from 4-6PM this Friday 9/30/16. Almanac started just in 2010, but already has a great reputation among beer lovers. From the “Hoppy Sour” series, to the Farmer’s Reserve beers, to their Brettaville series, to other unique offerings in 22oz bottles and now 12oz cans, Almanac knows what they are doing in a wide variety of styles.

The first beer we will be trying is out of the “Hoppy Sour” series. This most recent release in the series uses Equinox hops. Equinox hops may not have the household name; however, it is a really cool hop. It produces tropical fruit flavors as well as citrus fruit notes such as lemon and lime and when mixed with the sour base really shines in a unique way. This beer is a blend of ale aged in wine barrels and ale aged in oak foeders and is fermented with four different “Brett” yeast strains.
Secondly we will be tasting a beer from the “Farmer’s Reserve Series”, Farmer’s Reserve Pluot. What is a Pluot anyway? Is it perhaps a science experiment gone wrong? Not exactly, it is actually a genetic cross between plums and apricots. Hmm, sound tasty? Well it is! This brew is also aged in wine barrels and features some really cool funk.
Both beers will be on sale for $9.99/375ml bottle and if you purchase a bottle you will receive a free Almanac Beer goblet taboot! This is the day to buy Almanac beer and you can try both and see which you like more. I hope to see a good showing for Brew from the Vault Vol. 2 as the Great American Beer Fest looms. Oh and by the way, a small piece of insider information for reading the blog….During GABF all large format (750ml, 22oz, 500ml, 330ml) bottles of beer will be 10% off at West Vail Liquor Mart!!

Dean LoRusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart