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Brew From The Vault Vol. #1

Brew From the Vault Vol. #1 – The Light and Dark Sides of Belgium

As I mentioned in my last blog, we will soon be starting an exciting tasting series here at West Vail Liquor Mart called Brew from the Vault. In these tastings, we will explore the strange, the sought after, and the unexplored world of beer. Our 1st volume of this tasting will focus on two different Belgian beers which are quite different from one another. I hope this tasting will illuminate a bit of the range which the country of Belgium can offer. This tasting will take place Saturday September 10th and will begin at 4PM and will last until 5PM or until the beer is done.

First up will be one of my all time favorites, Fantome Saison. It is a yeasty and complex Saison which is very interesting and provocative. Fantome is described as a “classic artisanal farmhouse brewery” whose beers are “robust, flavorful saison style ales”. This beer is very complex and dry and always leaves you wanting more (sorry, one sample per customer please!). I am putting Fantome Saison on sale for $14.99/750ML for this day only, so it is a great opportunity to try it. The beer, like the ghost on its bottle, is very elusive and once we sell though our case, I have a feeling it wont be seen again for a while! Fantome Saison is one of the all time great beers for aging as its complexity develops many different ways over time, so grab one to drink and one to store.

Secondly we will move towards the dark side of Belgian beers, the polar opposite of a light saison style. Prearis Brewing out of Belgium is known for their great lineup across the board of fantastic style fitting Belgian beer. However, it really perked my inner beer nerd when I tried their Prearis Quad with coffee beans added, dubbed the Quadrocinno. These are two flavors that I never even imagined working so well together in harmony. The sweetness of the Belgian Quad yeast in conjunction with the crisp bitterness of the beans is an awesome combo. I feel that everyone needs to give this one a shot, so it is going to be on sale for $7.99/330ML for this day only.

I am very excited to get this series going and I hope some of you will show up to try this pair of amazing beers that you might not have otherwise tasted. Challenge your taste buds and come drink some great beer with us!

Dean Lorusso, Beer Buyer, West Vail Liquor Mart