Breckenridge & Jackelope Colorado Gin

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Breckenridge & Jackelope Colorado Gin

Breckenridge Distillery has been producing some high end products, with Colorado gin being their newest release. It is an American style gin that stays true to the Breckenridge ideals of mouthfeel and flavor. A juniper body is balanced with notes of bright citrus and spicy undertones achieved through maceration during distillation. The delicate floral notes layered throughout the profile are extracted through botanical basket distillation. The botanicals are put into the distillate in a basket shaped vessel that is infused into the product to give the floral and spicy flavors. The Breckenridge Gin is brand new and just hit the shelf at West Vail Liquor Mart for $27.99 a 750ml bottle.

Closer to the Utah border at a warmer climate is Palisade Colorado, home to Peach Street Distilling. They have several different unique gins in their spirit lineup. The base for all of their gins is a product called Jackelope Gin. It is a very interesting name for a gin, but the gin itself may surprise you. Using hand-picked juniper berries combined with a handful of other unique botanicals gives Jackelope Gin a citrusy and slightly nutty flavor you won’t find in other gins. (This also makes it one of the smoothest you’ll ever drink.) The bottle displays a nice hand drawn sketch of the Jackelope. The Aroma consists of a heavy juniper scent and mild earthy minerals. On the palate Jackelope comes on big, bold, and bright with citrus flavors and a mild spiciness. The aftertaste is very fleeting, and vanishes quickly with little to no aftertaste. Jackelope Gin retails at $37.99 for a 750ml bottle, but definitely displays a smoothness that is worth the price.

Please stop in at West Vail Liquor Mart the next time you are looking for a local gin that is unlike the London dry gins more common to the world.

Kyle C
Liquor Buyer
West Vail Liquor Mart