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Barr Hill Gin

Barr Hill Gin
Barr Hill gin is an ode to the hardworking bees of the Northeast. Barr Hill is the acclaimed partnership of career beekeeper Todd Hardie and distiller Ryan Christiansen. Todd’s concept was to combine bees and distilling. Barr Hill Gin uses raw honey after distillation to a base spirit of corn, distilled with juniper. These three simple ingredients lead to a smooth enjoyable unique gin.

Each batch is distilled in a custom built botanical extraction still. The juniper forward botanicals are brought to a perfect balance by the floral depth of the raw honey. The results are distinctive and unparalleled. How is such complexity extracted from the use of simple raw ingredients? Some secrets must be left in the hive.

When tasting Barr Hill Gin you will immediately notice the viscosity of the spirit. It is luscious and surprisingly robust. Early pine and grass notes are evident at the tip of the tongue. Soon followed by a wildflower honey and green leafiness flavor on the mid palate. The finish is long and warm with a much richer “resiny” juniper forward taste. The finish is lengthy, with lasting notes of juniper and honey receding slowly; most likely from the viscosity of the spirit clinging to your palate.

Another unique aspect of Barr Hill Gin is the honey varying from season to season. This does not make the gin taste entirely different from batch to batch, but there is a unique part of honey, and where/what it was pollinated from. Todd Hardie describes it as, “In spring you might get heavier notes of apple or maple syrup, while in the summer you’re bound to get the hint of something greener and pinier because of the bees’ diet of alfalfa and milkweed.” This variant of the raw honey used makes Barr Hill Gin even more complex from batch to batch.
Fans of classic gins will love the bold juniper flavors, while the added sweetness of the honey adds complexity and makes this a gin for more than just juniper heads.

Currently available at West Vail Liquor Mart
Retail price $39.99 for a 750ml bottle