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Aperol Aperitif

Aperol is a low strength aperitif made since 1919 to a secret recipe including both rhubarb and orange along with a wide assortment of herbs and roots.  Immensely popular in Italy, its home country. 

The most common use for Aperol is known as the Aperol Spritz.  To make this cocktail you need Aperol, Prosecco, and soda water.  Add ice to a glass then pour in the Prosecco, the Aperol, and add a splash of soda water top with an orange slice.  This serving avoids the Aperol settling at the bottom of the glass. 

The orange is unmistakable, a vibrant color which lights up your toasts and adds joy to the moment.  Everything else is brought to the table by the lighthearted spirit of the Aperol Spritz.  The spirit that makes people spontaneously come together and sparks nothing but good times.  

Appearance:  Orange red, thinner body than Campari. 

The Nose:  Smells like Campari light.  Aromatic bitter orange with a host of aromatic, bitter, and earthy herbal notes wrapping around the orange.  Sweet, bitter, alkali and acidic do a complex dance.

Taste:  Mildly bitter and sweet orange buffered and rounded out by rhubarb with gentian adding a drying alkali bitterness with floral citrus finish.  Much less challenging than Campari in the bitterness with a pronounced orange also by comparison. 

Aperol perfectly matches with food.  Your Aperitif moment just turns into perfection when enjoying you Aperol Spritz with some snacks and appetizers that effortlessly match.  Small dishes that usually include tiny sandwiches, plates of olives, and tiny portions of local dishes are common items to serve with Aperol.  Throughout the years Aperol Spritz became a versatile drink suitable to different type of food and moments, from a quick toast after a long day to those relaxed brunches we’d all love to have on a Sunday morning.   

Retail price for a 750ml bottle is $26.99