Locke + Co Rye Whiskey


The Locke’s family roots in Colorado moonshining go back several generations. Owen Locke kept the craft tradition alive with an early knack for brewing that continued through college to graduate school, where he reconnected with Rick Talley

The high school friends and lacrosse teammates immediately recognized that their collaborative styles complimented each other well, working through MBA degrees together at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business as hand sale experts for Beam Suntory. It didn’t take them long to realize they could create something bolder and wilder than the premier spirits they offered at countless tastings. In 2010, the team bought a 23-gallon still that turned a garage hobby into a lifestyle with their first whiskey batches aged in small barrels.


The Juice:

Locke + Co Rye Whiskey consists of 95% Rye & 5% malted barley.  It is aged in 30 gallon barrels for 2 years, (traditional barrels are 53 gallons).  This gives the whiskey more surface area to interact with providing a more flavorful taste.  Aged Aspen wood is used to intensify the flavor of the whiskey.  Charred Aspen wood discs are used in the second 8 month aging process.  Discs are used instead of staves for 2 reasons; more surface area for the whiskey to interact with = more flavor, and Aspen trees deliver nutrients in a vertical manner which gives the whiskey a better absorption rate.  The Aspen wood used for the discs is gathered in Fairplay Colorado only after it has been weathered for a year in the outdoor elements.  Vegetable oil based lubricant is used in the process of creating these Aspen discs.


The Flavor:


Freshly baked bread

            Hints of caramel & toffee

            Oaky & baking spices

Ends with dry figs, honey and a bit of vanilla


            Begins with a “spice” note from the rye, strong pepper and fruit notes

            Followed by a pleasant sweetness; hints of cherry pits & vanilla

            Subtle notes of caramel, brown sugar & golden maple syrup


            Cinnamon & tobacco notes balance with buttery toffee with brown sugar

            Clean with a ginger, black-pepper spice

            Moderate warmth & a dry saw dust bite

            Sweetness when lingering on the palate



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Source: https://lockeandcodistilling.com/