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39 North Colorado Spiced Whiskey

39 North Spirits is located in Eagle, Colorado.  They have been in production for only a few years, but have some excellent products available.  39 North Spiced Whiskey is one of West Vail Liquor Mart’s favorite local products.  The spiced whiskey exhibits an excellent flavor for the fall and winter months, but can be enjoyed year round. Every batch made is hand labeled and meticulously crafted for the best flavor possible.  The ingredients used are not public knowledge, but the taste is citrus and spice with a smooth finish for 100 proof.  For a local Colorado product, it is surely one of our favorites here at West Vail Liquor Mart.  If you are looking for a Hot Toddy cocktail whiskey, look no further.  By adding an ice cube to the whiskey, it is transformed to a flavorful experience you have to try to believe.      

39 North Spirits was born of a passion to create something that those close to us could enjoy, and we hope that you will take the time to do the same.  Nothing here is produced quickly. No shortcuts are taken during our process to pass along the best possible product. These spirits began as a holiday gift among friends, and it is with the same meticulous craft that we create the bottles that we now share with you.


The nose is fragrant and floral with a load of citrus as well as cinnamon and a bit of clove. It is smooth, sweet, and on the palate, you can truly taste the Spiced characteristics of this wonderful Sippin Whiskey. Watch as water or ice creates the famed “Louche” process, during which the essential oils are liberated from the mixture and seen for the first time by the naked eye. This whiskey will have a natural sediment that occurs during the blending process. We do not filter this out since it is what helps to create the layers of flavor in the product. Most distilleries will use a chill-filtering process to remove this haze, but unfortunately this also removes flavor. We prefer the flavor and hope you will do the same.


Retail price for a 750ml bottle is $39.99


Source: www.39northspirits.com/