Distillery 291 is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Distiller Michael Myers is originally from Georgia and Tennessee, but when he started Distillery 291 he wanted to bring the rugged and rebellious wild west vibe to his whiskies. He aspired to bring the vision of an iconic cowboy walking into a in the wild west saloon asking for a whiskey.

Myers built his original still from copper plates that he had once used during his days as a photographer back in New York. His first whiskey was bottled on September 11th, 2011… a decade after the twin towers tragedy.

291 whiskey is made the “Colorado way” he says, which basically means no shortcuts from grain to bottle ensuring a top shelf product made by hand. The grains come from the Colorado plains, and the water used for blending purposes is from the Pikes Peak reservoirs. His credo is, “Everything Matters.”

The latest batch of 291 Bad Guy Bourbon is bottled at 123.3 proof and therefore is considered barrel proof, or straight from the barrel. The mash bill consists of yellow corn, malted white wheat, malted rye, and beech smoked malted barley. It is a very limited batch with the first batch only producing 600 bottles.

As far as the taste of 291 Bad Guy Bourbon the nose is rich and dark, with bold notes of cola, pepper, and cinnamon rolls. Tart and sweet black cherries become more prevalent upon tasting, complemented by the spiciness and effervescent cola. The high proof strikes just the right balance amidst a rich mouthfeel.

291 Distillery has won numerous awards including: 7 Liquid Golds from Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible, multiple double golds in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, along with many other notable awards.

West Vail Liquor Mart currently stocks the 291 Bad Guy Bourbon among other products from 291 Distillery, but the Bad Guy Bourbon is only available for a limited time. 750ml bottles retail at $99.99, and are worth every penny. Please stop by and pick up a bottle next time you are looking for the flavor of Colorado, in a wild west package.

Source: Distillery291.com