Vail Oktoberfest!

SPECIALS for 09/14/18-09/18/18

Wines of the Month - Chalk Hill, Sebastiani, Guenoc$9.99-$22.99Spirit of the Month -Tito's Vodka750ml/$18.99
Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante$11.99Whiskey
Earthquake Petit Sirah$25.99Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch 750ml$39.99
Starmont Merlot$25.99Knob Creek Bourbon & Rye Whiskey 750ml$34.99
Poggerino Chianti Classico$24.99Vodka
Chateau La Rame Rose$19.99Ketel One Vodka 1.75L$39.99
La Crema Rose$17.99Grey Goose Vodka 750ml All Types$29.99
Spy Valey Sauvignon Blanc$17.99Tequila
Telmo Rodriguez Mountain Blanco$17.99Hornito's Black Barrel Tequila 750ml$29.99
Chateau Valcombe Rose$17.99Rum
Gnarly Head Zinfandel$10.99Bacardi 10 Year Rum 750ml$39.99
Hendrick's Gin 750ml$34.99
Aperol 750ml$21.99
Beer Of The Month
Beer of the Month - Great Divide 6pk/$7.99 Mix 12pk Cans 12pk/$15.98Great Divide
Coors & Coors Lt. 12pk Bottles & Cans$10.996pk Cans$7.99
Budweiser & Bud Lt. 12pk Bottles$11.9912pk Cans Mix Pack$15.98
Carlsberg 16oz 12pk Cans$13.99
Wines Of The Month
Elevation 6pk Cans$8.99Chalk Hill, Sebastiani, Guenoc
Telluride Head Stash 12pk Cans$15.99Guenoc Claret$9.99
Chalk Hill Chardonnay$18.99
Chalk Hill Pinot Noir$21.99
Sebastiani Sauvignon Blanc$10.99
Sebastiani Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon$14.99
Spirit Of The Month
Tito's Vodka
750ml $18.99